Thursday, September 2, 2010

Day 30 "Ask & You Shall Receive"

Ask & You Shall Receive, that is what I feel today. I am overwhelmed with everyone's giving hearts.

First...Thank you to the anonymous donation of movie tickets in the mail with NO RETURN ADDRESS....Sneaky little someone! :) I was SO SURPRISED and So excited. Im sure you read my my blog that mentioned how I would like to take the family out for a movie before surgery. Ask & You Shall Receive.
THANK YOU!!!! The kids are SUPER EXCITED! As we are too!

Second...Thank you for the hotel donation! Within a half hour I had text messages and emails for hotel donations. And I just asked for a discount! HaHa...I am so blessed to have the support I do. I can't even imagine doing this without everyone! Thank you for allowing Cory and I to embrace that time alone before our world turns around the next day. We both are very grateful.

Third...My job at home. I am so blessed to have employers that are here to help. Loss of hours are obviously an issue because of the time that is consumed by doctors and all that goes with it, and they support me and bless me with PTO. Im truly overwhelmed at this moment.

Fourth..My dear dear husband. The little things count. When this all started I told him this. "I just need you to hold me and stay silent, I need to feel safe in your arms and know that you love me NO MATTER WHAT". He tries everyday to fulfill that. He thinks about things now before he speaks. LOL...And takes his time before he responds to my emotions. This morning out of the blue he says "Im going to get you a medicine cabinet for your side of the bed. I don't like the thought of having your meds in our "family" medicine cabinet". He wants it closed off and seperated. (If you have seen our family medicine cabinet, you understand why. But OMG, I was in love with that offer. LOL. We walked out the door for another doctors appointment and I said "Im so happy right now". So he said "Why" and I said "Because, Im excited about my medicine cabinet" LOL....His response? "WoW that was easy" :) So he got me one today. Its not the typical cabinet you find in a bathroom. Its a pretty shelf with drawers that he stained the same color as our shelves in our bedroom. :) That way I can put all my meds, dressings and washcloths in a secure spot. :) Thank you Cory! I love you more and more each day we go through this.

Fifth...My pediatrician. I brought Bella in today to get her belly checked out. I feel confident that its a lactose thing and so does he, however because of my situation, he said "Lets just get some blood work done and a tummy x-ray so that we can rule all that out now and give you a sense of peace." YAY! So we went right next door and got that all done. She was a trooper. If all that shows negative then we will start a diet journal for him to rule out any allergies to food. He was SO HELPFUL today and truly a support. He informed us of the kids "mindset" of all this and suggested that we utulize our insurance and take them for counseling. I really like that idea, because yes we have talked to them OVER AND OVER about it, but once they see their mom that way, it might be a whole different story. What a great opportunity for them to be able to talk about it with someone. Cory suggested that we all go. LOL! He might need it too! Our Pediatirician also gave us a resource for Cory. This has been our pediatrician since Isaac was 9 1/2 years. He leaned against the wall and said "Cory you looked wiped out, you need to talk to someone and get support for yourself". THANK YOU DOCTOR MARTIN! We are blessed!

These are all blessings today. For every other blessing by others that happen on a daily basis I love you! I truly Love you and am beyond thankful for you.

Today during our drive around town, I got my thoughts together for my design on my T-shirt that I will be selling and fundraising with. It will have a ribbon with a bible verse in it and some other cool stuff by Scott ( As I was going through the verses that I have been keeping I ALWAYS go back to this one.

Jeremiah 29:11. (Message)
I know what I'm doing. I have it all planned out, plans to take care of you, not to abandon you, plans to give you the future you hope for.

I love that fact that this will outline my ribbon. Its a reminder that no matter what I am going through, He will NOT abandon me through this time. All of you are working for Him. I hope you all know that. With every service that is done for me, you are assisting Him. Thank you for being His hands and feet once again.

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