Monday, September 20, 2010

This is Mr Bagby

Wow what a crazy life this has turned into!  There has been more excitement in theses last two months than in 10 years of my Life, and yes I have had a pretty exciting life at times :).

As you see by the post this is not Gabbee this is her husband. I am by no means a very good writer but I'll do my best.

My wife and I love you all, we would be struggling without the friends like you. some of you might think "I have not done anything for you, or says what I have done has been very small".  Let me reassure you all, the simplest hello or word of encouragement is a very large thing it lets us know you care, and I know all of you have been praying. So again thank you you support has made a difference. Old friend we know you are far away but we feel your love and you words of encouragement are a blessing. Local  Friend Thank you for stopping your lives and hanging out with me and calling me at the Hospital that was a challenging couple of days.

Everyone can visit don't be scared to stop by she does sleep a lot but when she is awake she likes to see her friends. Don't worry about overstaying your welcome we will let you know when she needs her rest please do text before you come of course.

To my helpers last night thank you for taking over and letting me rest I was running on overdrive and I would have went till I dropped if you have not saved me.

Special Thanks to Debbie Jones who left her husband back in Florida on vacation to fly back early to help me you are a amazing woman and Dee is a lucky man.

Amy your a great friend  thanks for staying the night with Gabbee and letting me sleep last night.

Hope you are also a great friend the snack thing is working great by the way.

Rachelle thanks for taking the kids.  Paula the hotel was a blessing. Roger the cain is already being used and the picture is haing in our room. So many of you to thank i can not rember so we will do it this way Thank you to all who have donated sacerficed gave gifts or sent meals.

To Gabbees new friend KIKI. I have never met you but your blogs and text and experence has helped us. I have Thanked Susan Padilla for telling me about you.

Love Cory Bagby


  1. Cory,
    I hate that you and Gabbee had to meet Kristin in this way but I am honored that I could create the bridge. Kristin is an amazing woman and I can't think of anyone else who would be better suited to help guide you through this.

    If you need anything, please let me know. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.

  2. Thank you Susan! She has been a blessing to me!

  3. aww Cory that was very well said....Gabbee is a very lucky girl to have you buy her side... i am sure it is hard on your part also...but you are doing the best that you can...and i am sure you just being by her side knowing your there is all she needs...still thinking of you guys and your family....and keeping you in my thoughts and prayers...