Monday, September 27, 2010

Good Ending

Well today was…..I guess just another regular day in the Bagby Household of recovery. Nothing fancy happening. I got my normal shower by my wonderful nurses Debbie and Tiffany this morning then laid on my bed with my laptop trying to work. I ended up falling asleep due after my pain pill while my mom cooked breakfast, did laundry, cleaned up my house and fed Isaac (Bella slept at Hope’s). She kept coming in to tell me that I was catching flies. LOL….Yup…pain meds will do that…but as long as I don’t feel like my chest is caving in, I don’t care what I catch. LOL. After a shower and momma’s homemade French toast….there is no better way to fall asleep.

Then I was blessed to have my Bestie Rachelle come hang out with me all day. I have known Rachelle for 6 years. I love her. We have totally opposite personalities which makes us great. She loves to just sit and be cozy and talk. We probably started several conversations and didn’t finish any of them LOL but it was so nice to just lay in my bed and talk with my friend. Then we had lunch with Amy and Isaac (lots of leftovers) then Amy left to do HW. Isaac read his bible and I had another pain med so I took a nap and Rachelle read her book. It was a nice calm day.

Hope came for my evening shift. She works from home which is a blessing because she could just bring her work here. I actually enjoyed watching her work to get to know in more detail what she does. She is so smart and an amazing educator. I’m blessed to have her as a friend and for her to share her knowledge with me to help give me my kids what they deserve in education. Then Alice, Aubrey and Sophia made us dinner and Aubrey brought it over. It was SOOOO YUMMY. Hope fed the kids, cleaned the dishes, did laundry, cleaned my bathroom, and probably so much other stuff that I have no idea about. She even made a list of what I need in the house. Am I blessed or what?? If this isn’t God working through these women, then I don’t know what it is.

This evening my brother and his family came over. It was chaos but deep down it warms my heart. Through this, my brother has softened his heart and showed so much compassion. He still is crazy which I actually don’t think I would change but he does care for me. He was teasing me that Hope was doing so much for me and that she or (they) are creating a monster, but yet when she left, he wouldn’t let me get up and then started doing things for me. Stinker, he just wants to torture his little sister. I asked him and my sister-in-law if they wanted to see the “operation aftermath?” Before this all happened I said that I was not showing people. LOL…I show everyone. Well its been all women but I am not ashamed actually because I have something there. Its not caved in like you would think. I have expanders which were filled a bit so I am about an A cup. Of course they are not gorgeous and look different, but they are a lot better than they could be. I knew he was nervous and if you know my family this is SO NOT something we would EVER do. My brother stood there with his eyes squinting as if he was watching a horror movie but didn’t know when he would be scared. Once I took my dressing off, he was like “what”!!! You have boobs! They are normal! Ewl, Im grossed out now, Im leaving!!! LOL!!...It was funny. We laughed and that is what I would rather have. Laughter over them, rather than tears.

We then just visited and I surpassed my pill and my due date for bed, but overall it was worth it. I enjoy sitting around with my brother (then my sister came) and we had all of our kids there. That lasted about 30 minutes and then I said BYE! HaHa….3 siblings, spouses and 8 kids. Yup, crazy! Time for pain meds and bed!

My husband came home pooped. Poor guy. He is next to me snoring away and I feel so bad. He said he could barely keep his eyes open at work. He gets up twice a night to give me meds (when he doesn’t forget) HaHa…and I get naps during the day and he is on his feet caring for others with a 2 hour drive as well. He did receive a blessing today though and has off on Wednesday which is my appointment with my Plastic Surgeon. If I get my tubes out, I really want him there. Its funny because when he leaves, I feel homesick. Something is missing. I don’t show him how much I need and love him nearly as much as I need to. I need to figure out something that will make up for it. He needs my words of affirmation and that is not my gift.  Any ideas?

Anyway, I am going to rest in God’s word tonight. Thank you for everything once again. Oh my, I can’t even think of doing this alone. I have people coming at 6:30am to shower and take care of me. I am beyond blessed.

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