Thursday, September 23, 2010

Still Recovering - Day 7

Hello Everyone, Lisette Here (Gabbee's Sister) blogging by request.  So I wanted some things to say 1st then I will try to continue where I left off.

A reminder that if you will be visiting Gabbee during recovery from surgery or during chemo please keep in mind that if your feeling a cold coming on or are sick or have kids that are sick if you can not come and visit as to keep Gabbee's germs at a minimun.  Even though she loves to see everyone we don't want her to get sick. 

THIS WEEKEND PLEASE NO VISITORS:  She will be spending the last days with her family and gearing up for next week with Cory back to work and kids home from school and recovering on her own. 

In regards to visitation, seems like the best times for Gabbee is mid morning or late afternoon.  She takes these meds that really can knock her out so if you do visit if you can keep your visit to around 30min that would be appreciated.  She get's tired very easily and still needs lots of rest. You can text me 480-430-9485 or Gabbee to see what works best for that day.

Thank you in advance for understanding! :)

Okay so I wanted to say Thank You again to everyone for your support and continued prayers.  Also I appreciate when I posted a list of some items Gabbee needed that within a few hours she had every item.  You guys ROCK!

So let's begin where I left off, On monday Cory's Mom and Dad arrived and when Cory's mom Paula went in the room to see Gabbee they embraced and shared lots of tears.  Paula was diagonsed with breast cancer 5 years ago this September and Praise God she is a survivor!  It has been great having them here because they are helping with emotional support for the family, taking care of the kids and househould for them.  Which is a blessing!  My mom, Amy and myself still pop in and help out giving Cory's parents a break as well.  A mega Thank You to Debbie Jones for taking care of my sister, she has washed her, medicated her and got her to go potty.  I would give you the details but I think you get the picture. Yeah Debbie!

Gabbee is still very sore and in pain but each day she is getting better.  Yesterday I even took her out and we walked around Wally World for about an hour.  Even though it was very exhasting for my sister it was good to get her moving.  She is now only laying in her bedroom for night time sleeping only.  My mom gave her a recliner that she can use to sit outside in the living room with the family, that is very helpful.

Gabbee did get her banadages removed yesterday and she called me to tell me she wanted to show me, I wasn't sure what to expect, well actually I was expecting not a nice scene.  But I must admit it wasn't so bad, they look good well as best as can be, now she is able to wear a bra but still has the drains in until her next visit with Dr. Admire.

Okay so again we are going to PRAISE GOD, why because the genetic test came back NEGATIVE and the pathology report came back NEGATIVE which means no additional cancer found and her lump was smaller than they thought.  Now this does not change the fact that she will still need chemo it just may change how much and what type of chemo she will need.   Also after recieving this news even though she is happy and I am too you still wonder okay so where did the cancer come from, was it something I ate, was it where I lived and so on and so on.  Plus this does not take Bella, Isaac, Elisa, Niko or myself out of the woods, we now have Breast Cancer in the family and will have to make sure we do all we can to prevent it happening to one of us.  Crazy isn't it!  Well I think so, Cancer Stinks!

Well that is all I have for now peeps, I just got home and am tired but wanted to make sure I did what I promised my sister and that was to blog for her.  Well Love ya Gabbee and stay strong, one step, one day at a time!

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