Monday, September 13, 2010

Day 45 "Countdown begins"

Just a thought.....Why do massage therapists leave the room so you can get "undressed" when they are going to be massaging your nude (almost in my case) body? LOL I think we already broke the normal boundries on privacy. :)

Anyway today my massage was amazing! 1 hour of of pure bliss. Dreamy. So relaxing. Thank you KIKI!

When I was taken back to my room the therapist said "So your a breast cancer survivor?" I responded...."well, um not ye.....well I was just recently diagnosed." "Oh, ok I misunderstood the notes." Then I explained my  treatment plan. But I was proud of myself for not jumping at the chance and saying "NO, not yet". I stopped myself because I refuse to think that way. :)

I made my list today...probably list #5 since yesterday. Gotta get my quilt dry cleaned, I want to wash my couch cushions, get all my Rx's filled before surgery, get my medicine in my new medicine cabinet, pack my hospital bag, pack the kids bags for a 3 night stay away from home, pack Cory's bag since he is staying at the hospital with me, get all the laundry put away, get my mail bucket organized and filed and pay any necessary bills before surgery. Whew! That makes me tired.

I have alot to get done before Thursday's departure to Scottsdale. Please continue to pray for peace, comfort and to feel the presence of God with me today and through my journey...of course especially on Friday. Thank you for all your continued support, prayers and donations!!


  1. Gabbee, you are going to be okay,Your work for God has only began.<3

  2. That was suppose to be a heart up there, not a <3