Thursday, September 16, 2010

Last Day Of My Natural Born Boobs

Ahhh, so much has happened in the last few days and I haven't really posted. Maybe because I haven't been inspired or maybe I just haven't felt that the natural things that were going on in my life weren't "blogable". LOL....We had some ups and downs this week. Just emotions gone crazy. Reality once again of this awful disease affecting my family and those around me including myself. Sometimes I try to put myself on the outside looking in and I just can't. I know its not my job but I want to try and understand what everyone is going through but the energy that requires that is far to much for me to handle. So...I guess Its good that I laid low for a few days. Gathered my thoughts together now preparing myself for tomorrow.

Last night however was a very encouraging night. I had our Pastoral Staff from Mosaic and my family come lay hands on me and pray for a successful surgery, prayer for healing, prayer for comfort, prayer for strength and prayer for everything in between. :) I was very encouraged and blessed to have that time of prayer as a family of God before I undergo what is by far the most emotional thing I have experienced.

Today I am trying to keep busy just to keep my mind occupied. I leave at 5 to meet Cory in Scottsdale so we can get checked into the hotel but before that we will have dinner with John and Amy and then enjoy some chocolate covered strawberries. ALONE.  HaHa! :)

As I am going through my day I find myself zoning one moment and laughing the next. I actually feel less anxious than I anticipated. I mean..don't get me wrong, I am nervous..I have never had surgery before but I feel more peaceful than I was worried about. That only comes from Jesus. I am surrounded by prayer and a supportive family. People keep telling me that they know I am going to beat this. I think Im starting to believe it. LOL...Of course I have my fears but they are not of God so I have to keep pushing those thoughts out of my mind so I can think positively. I don't know the result of this..but I can only pray that I am a survivor and my "medical" chances show a positive role in that case.

My specific prayer request is that cancer has not infected my lymph nodes. And also for when I wake up, I respond as Sleeping Beauty did in the story. Beautiful, Glorious and rested. :) Sounds silly but that is my request. :)

I won't be able to blog before I go into surgery and I wont be blogging till I get home (atleast) but Facebook is always my other option. Thanks to my IPHONE. :) Maybe I will let my sister blog my update for those I do not know on Facebook. :)

So Im off to get some work done, and spend time with my kids before I leave them for a few days.

This is the day we have been waiting for. 7 weeks after my diagnosis, my cancer will finally be taken out. No more lump. :) Just two expanders and me. Maybe my new blog title can be My Expanders & I. LOL....

Also, I got my shirt that I created. Not really created...but I had a vision and Scott from artizen organics designed it based on my vision. He is awesome. You can order a shirt online and a percent will go back to us. I hope you can find comfort in the shirt. I know I do.

I love you guys and I look forward to waking up to a good report. :)


  1. HI
    You are in my thoughts and prayers!!!
    Paula mentioned things at the hotel went well - hope you slept as good as you could!

  2. i know this already happened but i hope you are more comfortable now and that you feel much better to know that you dont have as much cancer as you do know than you did earlier.Still in my preyers!!