Sunday, September 19, 2010

Recovering - Day 3 - Finally Home

Hello Again, Lisette here (Gabbee's Sister) going to do my best to keep everyone updated. :)
So I am just going to start where I left off I think that would be best way to begin.
Gaby was transferred on Saturday around 11am to the hospital side, they gave her a big room and it was much more comfortable than where she was at.  The nurse was very nice, we started out by asking we will be having lots of visitors is that okay?  She said sure we don't mind over here there is not set # or schedule for your visitors.  Yeah!  So we get the room redecorated and I started rearranging chairs and tables for company (I know I am a wacko but it's in my genes - Me, My Mom and My Sister we are all like this - haha).  Now I feel settled and hopefully my sister did too - LOL.  Amy and I did our best making sure Gabbee kept walking every hour and did her breathing every 10min, she was not happy but we didn't care, she needed to do what we said or else. hee hee!  Gabbee did do very well but got tired quickly and the pain and discomfort was still there but her spirit was good.  Gabbee is very excited that she has cleavage, how does she know this b/c she keeps peeking at her bandages.  I feel like it's a scene from pretty woman when she goes to the opera (look there's a band) Gabbee:  look I have cleavage, look I have little lumps!  Um, Gabbee Dr's order's no touching bandages, so STOP peeking!  Due to the bandages being wrapped so tightly she is very sore, and itchy!  She really likes when we give her scratches's!  I left around 7pm to pick up Bella and Isaac from Rachelle's house in Gilbert.  Thanks Rachelle for taking them I really appreciate you giving me the time to spend with my sister!  So I don't really know what happened from then on.  I do know that my sister text me early am and said she fell asleep about 9pm - 12, 12-3, 3:30 - 6:30.  She is on a pain regimen which is helping.  Dr. Admire came in around 8am and discharged her, she would be home around 11:30.  Cory did it all helping her to the car and heading there long journey back to Florence.  Cory as your sister-in -law I must tell you, you are one amazing husband!  We were all in church when we received a text from my sister saying 10min till we are home and Cory is exhausted physically and emotionally, need help!  So me and my mom left church and headed to her house.  You could just tell when we walked in they both were just overwhelmed.  Then Amy and Debbie arrived and we all got them settled, got the med's where they needed to be and schedules, redecorated her room with all her new presents, did some food shopping and so on.  Gabbee got very emotional when she saw her kids but they were very loving and couldn't wait to help.  Especially Bella she thrives off of helping her mommy!  Everyone being here for her was a huge help for them to all transition into the new household routine.  Elisa my daughter, cleaned her room, cleaned her bathroom and even painted her Aunt's Toes.  After everyone left, I am still here helping her prepare for bedtime before they are all alone.  Gabbe is still in pain it comes and goes in waves, but when it comes it comes hard.  So today is almost over, the house is clean, the kids are fed, Dad and son are on the couch watching TV, Bella and I are in the DR, Bella is coloring an "I Love You Book" for her mom and I am blogging, oh yeah and Mommy is sleeping, for now!  Before I say goodnight, there are a few things Gabbee needs and before we purchase if anyone has an item we could borrow that would be great!

1.  Baby Monitor (this will help when she is sleeping, and we are in the other room and don't want to bother her, she can just call us)
2.  Bell (this is so when she needs us she can ring the bell into the baby monitor incase we did not hear her the 1st time - ha ha only kidding)
3. Step Stool (this helps her get into the bed and out of the bed easier)
4. Cane (she still needs support when walking around b/c she is still getting dizzy, this will help her feel more stable)
5. Neck Pillow (like they use on airplanes - b/c she has to sleep sitting up we are having issues keeping her head/neck comfortable in that position)
6. Timer (she is taking many meds at all different times so this would be helpful to make sure we don't miss anything)

Also I wanted to mention about Visiting Hours as of Tomorrow Cory's Parents will be here for a week helping them.  Gabbee would still love to see everyone, if you can just text Gabbee or Me (480-430-9485) we will give you an idea of when the best time will be for that day.  Hope that Helps, again Thank You to everyone!  God Bless!


  1. Very sweet Lisette thank you for all you have done. you are also amazing

  2. thanks for the update....everything sounds like it is going so smoothly....and glad to hear she is home and getting into a routine...wish her well...tell her at least she has a good week coming up fot tv...this week the fall show's are starting...and you all are doing a great job helping guys are great.

  3. Gabbee,
    I am so glad to hear you are home and surrounded by your loving family. I feel very lucky to have spent time with you and your wonderful friends and family before surgery. I wish you a speedy recovery and a long life! Here's to mothers surviving breast cancer!
    Your preop nurse,

  4. were a Godsend!!! Thank you for being there!!