Sunday, September 12, 2010

Day 43 "Pottery, God, Family & Teens"

Whew what a day! A day of tears, praises and laughs.

Today was my day to take Bella on our Mommy & Me date. We went to "As you wish". It was really fun. I wondered what we would talk about and most of the time she babbled and I just listened. On the way into town she asked me how to blow a bubble. I tried to show her as I was driving, but then realized the reason she wasn't able to do it wasn't because I couldn't give her face to face instructions, it was because she has no front teeth. LOL...I told her to try again when they grow in.

Bella was able to pick out her pottery and she chose a kitten. She painted him like Bam Bam. I found a ribbon so I painted it for me! :)

We chatted about first grade, had lunch and didn't mention cancer at all except when she found this ribbon I could paint and said "mom look just like your cancer". LOL
As we were checking out I took the pottery to the cashier dude and he asked me what my ribbon said. I assumed he was wanting to know so he could type in the description but then when I said "Jeremiah 29:11 he said "oh cool, what does that say". So I told him. "For I know the plans I have for you. Plans to prosper and not to harm you. Plans to give you Hope and a future." His response was "wow thats pretty awesome." I thought it was super cool that I got to speak God's word as I had tons of people behind me in line and around the tables at As You Wish. :) When I walked into the parking lot, tears rolled down my face. Just a hit of reality once again. I guess it comes in waves. Thankfully I had sunglasses on so Bella could continue to enjoy the day without seeing Mommy cry.
Our drive home was peaceful. Not much talk just silence. Just being with eachother and enjoying the time alone that we had.

Later in the evening we went to my sister's for dessert and games. Elisa had her friend over which is also my Jr. Higher so that was cool to just hang out and play games with my sis, niece and student. Well...just to clarify..Elisa is my Jr. Higher too. (She was a bit offended that I dont refer to her as that) LOL

We had some good laughs. Actually Bella was the one making us laugh. She must have had too many chocolate chip cookies and her shyness went out the window tonight. She felt very comfortable being herself and being super goofy. It was fun to watch.

While I was at my sisters one of the teens called and asked if I had some extra patience for a few teens to come over. I jokingly said no and I am out clubbing. HaHa...They knew that wasn't the case. I thought that was a good enough excuse but when we got home, there were the 4 amigo's. Well 2 amigas and 2 amigos. The thing is...these 4 teens are a big part of my life. I look at them like they are my own children. You can ask them that too, especially when I start nagging at them about their life. LOL

They came in and just hung out and we chatted for awhile. Layton (center stage boy) LOL..wants to make me laugh so he asks what he can do so I can laugh and forget about cancer. So one of the things that gives me a good belly laugh is when Kohner practices his "Law enforcement moves" on them. Sometimes it works, and sometimes is doesn't but no matter what, we end of cracking up. My whole family is in the room just laughing our butts off. It truly is a blessing to be able to have teenagers at my house late at night. I rather them here then at places they don't belong. :) (There goes the mother in me again) LOL

So...overall..I have to say.....It was a Pretty God Day. :)

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