Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Day 40 "Bamboo, Botox & Boobs"

Today was a day of laughter and frustration. Today was my appointment with Dr. Admire on Princess Drive. :) Last time I had my appointment with him, he was very personable and gave me one on one time. I left feeling confident that he was going to be my plastic surgeon. I even found out later on that he is a pretty well known doctor in Arizona. Chief Plastic Surgeon in Tucson and on the board of Plastic Surgery something or another. LOL.

This time around I assumed it would be the same way or even better because now I was for sure having surgery. Last visit, we didn't know what I was going to have. Single or Double.

So, this time Cory came with me. As we walked up the stairs I said "brace yourself and keep your eyes where they belong" LOL. He just laughed and shook his head because he knew how obnoxious I was being.

We went into the office and was escorted to the waiting room. As you can see it is a very nice office. I is in Scottsdale on Princess Drive. We sat there for about 15 minutes. We just sat there and chatted as we watched the patients and "nurses" do their jobs. Botox, Boobs and Bamboo was our view. We tried to figure out everyone's story. Especially Dr. Admire. His age, his marital status, how he got so successful, if he himself has any botox on and on. LOL.. Then as we got quite and waited Cory says "So, have you decided what your going to get?" I looked at him like he had ten heads. Im like "as in what we are going to get for dinner, like what?" LOL...He said "No, I mean like size, tattoos, nevermind that was a dumb question" LOL!!! Yup sure was.

Anyway, after our goofiness in the waiting room we got called back to the "consultation room". We had to fill out paperwork and the nurse was going to talk to us and IF I had questions for Dr. Admire then I can request to see him. Ahhhhh really? Request to see him. GRUGH! Of course I want to see him. He will be assisting in the removal of my boobs in a week for goodness sake AND giving me new ones. So I told the nurse that YES I want to see him. So she did her evaluation pre-op thing and went and got Dr. Admire. He came in, with his nurse and a student intern. He sat down and said "So you had some questions for me?" OMG! I thought I was going to slap him. I said "well, last time I was here we were unsure of my surgery options so now that we do, I want to know what the expander looks like, when I will get filled, bandages, aftercare, blah blah blah blah blah! I held back my NY ITALIAN ATTITUDE since he will be cutting me open pretty soon. :)

So he showed us the expander and implant. Ahhhh such a whole new world for me. So he said "some women choose to stay at their size or go bigger" so this was my chance to let him know my thought process. I said "well, here is the thing, I am pretty modest and I dont want to be bigger and I really just want the same size as I have now." So he said "no problem, when we fill them, you just let me know what your comfortable with". Deal. LOL

So...after chit chat of questions, he rushed out and said "see you next Friday". Yup...we sure will. :(

Anyway so a bit of frustration there. Im not sure if it was just an off day, but I pray to God that I do not feel that way in the office everytime I go there. After my surgery I go to a post-op with my breast surgeon and then that's pretty much it. Dr. Admire takes it from there aside from the oncologist. Whaaaaaa, I want Dr. Liu. LOL

So the plan is. Sept 21st I go for my check up with him. About two weeks later I get the drains out and once the incisions heal then we will start expanding. (The fun part I guess). They will poke a needle into the expander and insert saline salt water stuff. LOL. Once I feel comfortable, I go back and say "im good" then we plan on the surgery for the implant. Pretty simple right? If I dont have radiation, then yes its pretty simple, otherwise I have to wait a LONG time before implants go in. Probably a year or more. GRUGH...Im praying NO RADIATION.

So off we went to buy my "support" bra for after surgery. They were very detailed on the style. Zipper or clips in the front, thick straps and very supportive. In the consultation I said "I hope this doesn't sound like a dumb question but why do I need to wear a support bra if I dont have anything to support" LOL. He gave me an answer but Cory nor myself can remember what it was. Oh well. JcPenny had a great sale so I now have my sports bras.

Before my doctors appointment I had to do some shopping. I learned that my shopping doesn't include the fun stuff I used to shop for. Nail polish, clothes, shoes, hair clips or whatever. Now its a shower head that comes off so I can wash myself w/out getting fully wet, pajamas that can button or zip on or go on from my legs, sports bra's and guaze pads. That is my new shopping frenzie. Oh well...atleast I am here & alive shopping.

Cory and I had a good time today. Lots of laughs, talks about surgery, future, worries, fears and even a few jokes here and there. We left the house at 9am and returned at 4:30. UGH I hate these type of days. Its so draining. We were welcomed home with a bouquet of flowers from my stepmom that she made with paper.

Thank you Sandy!! They are beautiful AND they wont die. :) We also had dinner delivered to us because I knew that the last thing we would want to do when we got home was cook. Thanks Storey for a DELICOUS MEAL. She made us our very own cups of chocolate mousse. YUM.

Thanks again Storey! Super Duper YUMMY!

So thats it! No more doctors till the day of surgery. Ahhh 8 more days. I hope I can find some good stuff to blog about. I do have a fun filled weekend ahead of me. I planned a mommy/daughter date with Bella at As U Wish and then a mommy/son date at the dirt bike races this weekend as we watch one of the teens in our youth group race. Next week my plan is to just "be". Its a big week and I want to take one day at time and truly cherish the days leading up to surgery. :)


  1. Fyi: walmart was the most inexpensive place for front clipping sports bras. They do a good job, comfy & under $10... Just sayin. :)

  2. Hello Gabbee,
    My name is Amy my sister Cheryl from Dr. Martin's office told me alittle bit about you. I'm a breast cancer survivor. If you would like to talk about anything or want to know about my little journey you can call me @ 480.634.7358, I hope to hear from you soon.