Saturday, September 18, 2010

Surgery Update

This is Lisette blogging for Gabbee.  As Gabbee went into surgery she had a overwhelming sense of peace.  She constantly said she felt the prayers of everyone and that she was so appreciative of all the support.  She came through surgery with the intital tests on her lymph nodes all clear NO CANCER.  Praise the Lord!!!!! We will be waiting three days to see what the pathology report says to have a 100% guarantee.  When we were told that we could go see Gabbee she was totally loopy (which of course is expected) she asked me to sit by her side by tapping her hand on the edge of her bed and took my hand and held it to her chest and she just wept.  My heart went out to her b/c I knew the shock of what just happened was hitting her in small wave due to the wearing off of the pain meds.  She kept her eyes closed most of the time while we visited but she could hear everything we were saying.  Gabbee was very uncomfortable and in pain, she expressed it felt like someone was sitting on her chest, she had dry mouth and her lips were chapped.  Her skin was pale but eventually her color started coming back and her lips were getting pink again.  We had a rough night with the night nurse, Gabbee's heart rate kept going up and the nurse felt it was b/c she was being stimulated by her visitors (whatever!).  Gabbee had alot of questions did not feel like herself and I think that is why, she just did not sit sill, she was worried too that she was going to be all alone, she had no controll which also freaked her out.  Anyway the night nurse finally had enough and let us know we needed to go!  I did not care for the night nurse, neither did my sister or Cory, actually none of us did.  She did not have compassion, grrr! So Hope, My mom and myself decided to stay at a hotel across the street, which was a very good idea b/c we were able to be back to the hospital by 7am (which the night nurse I'm sure just loved) our point just to be here when Dr. Admire arrived.  I wanted to make sure it was understood that she was not ready and will not be going home today, period! LOL  So as soon as we arrived the night nurse immediately stopped us and said she just gave Gabbee her pain med's and she had a rough night.  Um, I don't think so I will be seeing my sister I wanted to say but I knew the shift change was coming and would be the polite girl that I am and let it slide (hee hee).  Okay so Nurse Toni (a woman) is our day nurse I really like her, she has compassion and her goal to is to get Gabbee up and moving around, the more she lays in bed the harder and longer her recovery will be.  She has shown us how to change the drainage pumps, explained about this breath exercise she has to do as to not get a pneumonia, given us tips on helping her not be nausea and so on.  Now that is a nurse!  Dr. Admire arrived at about 8am, dressed in his Saturday attire, nice Puma Golf Shirt, and Puma Shorts with matching Puma Belt.  He was sweet and said everything went great during surgery he was very happy and said she can stay the extra day (good b/c I thought I might have to go all NY on him -lol).  He checked her out, Gabbee asked some ?'s and he said he would be back in the am, and off he went to enjoy his weekend.  So Gabbee got dressed into some nice pajama's looked at all of us sitting in the room and said Ok I'm ready for presents! LOL  Her room I will mention is filled with Purple and Pink balloons, Purple and Pink Ribbon and Flowers!  Her 1st gift was from Amy and it is this cute shirt from "Tina's Treasurers" I have to have her post a pic.  Hope then gave her a beautiful "Angel of Strength"!  Then Hope and Amy got her a beautiful Breast Cancer Pink Bible, inside there are certain scriptures highlighted in Pink for moments in her journey that she can reflect too.  On the front cover they had it engraved "Pastor Gabbee", she absolutely LOVED IT!  My mom then gave her a gift from "Tina's Treasurers" as well, my sister just looked at my Mom and you could see the excitement in Gabbee's eyes, she received a baseball cap with medium brown hair (this gift was requested by Gabbee in the hope's that someone would get for her) Gabbee just LOVED IT! She tried it on and it looked just like her real hair, we showed her how she can wear cute pig tails with it and it tied back, she got a mirror and really liked how she looked.  Whew! I'm so glad she was happy!   Okay so now we are just waiting to be transferred to the other end of the hospital to a room and get settled.  She is sleeping now but is still in pain and trying to get used to her new norm.  I will do my best to keep everyone informed I have given you all the info.  Right now if you plan to visit I think it is best to visit her after 1pm today.  If you have any questions you can reach me at 480-430-9485.  Thanks everyone for your continued support and prayers! 


  1. Lots of prayers are still grateful Gabbee is feeling peace...thats been my prayer. Thank you so much for posting...been thinking of Gabbee alot and relieved to know she is doing well. HUGS....

  2. thanks for sharing lisette....glad to hear that things are on the's great that she has all you ladies there to support her...and of course cory...will keep gabbee in my prayers....will prayer for her recovery and for the pain to go away.