Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Day 10 "MRI's, Cats & Bedroom Planning"

I feel so guilty for not blogging yesterday. But as soon as I walked in the door it was kids, dinner, homework, guests, and bedroom planning.

Yesterday morning I was able to finally hear my very own song that Carla wrote for me. It was great. I cried and laughed and really dwelled in God's comfort through the song. I can't wait to share it. Hopefully sometime today it will be on my facebook & Blog.

I had to go to my MRI in Scottsdale. So before you know it, 12:00 was here. Off to get gasin the car, and Debbie so we can start our hike into Scottsdale. It's far but well worth it. Some of the best doctors are in Scottsdale and I wouldn't want to go anywhere else.

Okay...so let's just say that I paid $250 yesterday as a partial payment to be TORTURED! If you have had an MRI, you will know what I mean. Especially an MRI of your breasts. YUCK, YUCK YUCK!
I had to get this IV of "dye" so that it would dye my tissue and they can compare. So after the IV, I go into the room with this BIG WHITE TUNNEL MACHINE THING. The nurse says "mam, there is no easy way up here, so just hop right on." Thanks for your comfort dear nurse as Im trying to be modest. Anyway...So because it was a breast MRI I had to lay on my belly, put each of my breast into a hole and lay there for 45 minutes. The best part? "Mam, Im just going to grab your breasts to make sure that they are pulled all the way in and hanging free so we can get some good pictures". Sure dear nurse..pull, tug, yank, all you want. GRRRUGH! Anyway, the nuse said "what raido station would you like". Well I opted for KLOVE..."whoot whooot" but it didn't come through, so 99.9 I got. I dont know why they even put headphones on you, they should put ear plugs in your ears. You can't hear the music through the loud jackhammer noise anyway. Speaking of the noise! REALLY? As far as our medicine has come, you would think that they can design this machine to be noise free. Well maybe soon, since I prayed for 45 minutes for that to happen. LOL

And that is what I did. Pray for 45 minutes. There is NO WAY I could have gotten through that MRI calmly without God sitting right beside me, rubbing my back and calming my spirit. We laughed together. If you think Im crazy, than whatever, but we did. Everytime I had a minute of silence I would ask God to calm my spirit and then BOOM...here came the jackhammer noise....and I would literally giggle and I know He was too. That was the ONLY highlight of the MRI.

Having an hour or so ride home with Debbie was just so uplifting. What a great woman of God. Im so blessed that she is able to walk alongside me during this. Learning about her and her story and just hearing how much she loves God is really uplifting. Especially when you just paid for toture. :)

Cats...oh my dear Cleo. I received some information about the damage that Cats can do to chemo patients. It makes me very sad, very stressed to think that we might have to take her away from the kids. She is our pet BUT my life is not worth the life of a cat. One scratch from her, Im done. One disease that she brings from outside, Im done. So, we are looking for someone to be a foster parent for one year to Cleo. To allow the kids to come see her. The last thing that I want to do is take her away from the kids, when they already are having to give up so much. So if you are reading this, and know of someone that would want to foster her, please let me know. Female, 5 years old, spayed/neutered (not sure of the right terminology for a female) but she is fixed. She's a great cat!

Bedroom Planning! Im really excited about this. Because of the chemo, and my kids, I am trying to find a room that can be my "recovery" room. We chose my bedroom bcuz that is where I am most comfortable at. New cozy comforter, paint, fluffy pillows, drapes, shelves for my awesome trinkets and a place for medication/dressings...and what not. I have a team of girls (maybe guys) that are coming to help. I am so excited to do this. I have about 2-3 weeks before surgery and then chemo following so I need to get organized, get clean and get my stuff together so I am ready to beat this cancer. I don't want anything gettting in the way from my survival story.

Today I have my plastic surgeon appointment. Dr. Admire on Princess Road. Oh boy.....my blog should be interesting on that one. :)

See you later!


  1. Gabbee you are so awesome and so brave!!! Thank You for sharing your journey to beat this!!

  2. I am in awe of your strength and resolve! God Bless you!

  3. Here kitty kitty. I love cats. Taste like chicken!

    No worries, Cleo will have a wonderful year with us. Thanks for blessing us Gabbee.

  4. Been there done that on the MRI, of course mine wasn't for my boobies, but for my neck. Either way I agree - torture!!! Perhaps the government should just try giving terrorists MRI's to extract information? Anyhow, thanks as usual for sharing. You are in our prayers daily. - Chris

  5. Gabby-after ur done kicking the crud out of this cancer u should seriously think about writing. U have an amazing way with words. I feel all of what u r saying.-xoxo Beth nyc