Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Day 18 "Frustration, Praise & Teens"

Doesn't that sound like an emotional rollercoaster just from the title? But my day was exactly that. Frustration, Praises to God and Teenagers.

So this morning I called the lab to see if I can get the "inside scoop" on my blood work as I have been for 3 days and this is what I hear....

Lab Girl: "As soon as we receive the document from your doctor’s office we will go ahead and process your blood work."

Me: "Um, I’m sorry, but you were supposed to have received that on Friday, I thought my blood was already in process of being tested."

Lab Girl: "No mam, we didn't receive it, but it was on my list today to check on"

Me: "I’m sorry if this sounds rude, but I have breast cancer and I can't have surgery until you give me results of this blood test"

Lab Girl: "I understand and we will contact your doctor today to get that paper, but mam, please understand that this test normally takes 7-14 days for results"

Me: "HaHa...okay, I don’t think you understand. I have breast cancer and I am waiting for these results to schedule surgery. I was told that this test was ordered STAT due to my situation"

Lab Girl: "Okay, hold on just a moment"


Lab Girl: "Okay, mam, I spoke to the doctor’s office and they are faxing over the paperwork again. It must have gotten lost in fax air. And you are right; you do have a STAT request on your test. I can call you when we receive the results or you may call daily to check on them"

Me: "Oh, I will call you every day until I have those results."

GRRRUUUUGHHHH, can you believe that? They took my blood last Tuesday and a week later, my blood is still sitting there in the lab. Waiting on a paper from my doctor that wasn't going to be requested until she got to her "to do" list. $3500 for this test....and I get treated as if it costs $20!

So now you can understand my frustration!

However God still remains GREAT and approved me for my Health Insurance! Yay!!! Praise God!!!!! I was a bit disappointed because my approval date wasn't before this all happened as it should have been, but those are bills that will just have to be paid off slowly. I am more worried about my loss of pay during this year, than medical bills. So I continue to dwell in the praise of approval.

Teens....yay Teens. I have not been with my IGNITE kiddos for two weeks. Mostly because I have been at Doctors visits, and just having some bad days. So thankfully Teresa, Megan and Christina took on the group and kept it going. This week we combined our Jr. High and High Schoolers at Anthem K8 School. We have outgrown our homes with kids. Yay! I was holding 30 kids a week at my house and pretty close to the same with High Schoolers at the Mackenzie’s home. God is Good.

So, tonight I was kind of dragging my feet...BUT God was GREAT AGAIN. I just can't say it enough. We had a ton of kids and they are awesome. We played games and I fell, got hurt, cut my little cuticle and LAUGHED! It felt GREAT to be normal! Just sitting there with my peers doing ministry with them. What an absolute blessing that is! I had a great small group time with the girls too. No lesson...just talking about life. What gets in the way, what they struggle with, what is happening in their lives.....just talk. It was wonderful. I look forward to digging into God's word next week with them.

My goal is to be there as much as possible, BUT if I can't be there because of fatigue, germs or whatever...they are in GREAT HANDS. I’m blessed to have friends that love those kids as much as I do and that ministry is their first and foremost passion.

I’m going to get a bit TMI here, but this is what the blog is about. My journey with breast cancer. So some stuff that is blogged might be a little too "medical" for some. If it is..Don’t read it. LOL...but I won’t hold back. If you know me...I won’t hold back.

So, when I noticed my lump the most is when it was the time of the month when Cory and I usually argue the most. He blames it on menstruation, I blame it on him. LOL!

I don’t know why, but my lump is so much bigger now...after all this has happened especially since I am beginning my road of "that time of the month". I have felt something on my left breast, but thought it was all in my head. Especially because my MRI was clear. Well, as I was changing into my jammies, I usually give myself a breast exam. Actually I give myself one, probe 2-3 times a day. LOL...

Anyway, Cory walked in the closet and of course I said "feel my lump". I say that to EVERYONE! Even my 12 yr old niece. LOL...At least she now knows what a lump feels like. :) My mom and sis have felt my lump several times. Especially before I got checked. I wanted them to know I wasn't being dramatic. LOL. However...Any women that wants to feel it is more than welcome...:) I want you to be aware. :)

Anyway, he checked my lump, and said "wow, it is bigger" then checked the other side just to compare and said "woah, do you feel that". I said "yes, but I thought it was in my head". SOOOOOOOOO I will be calling my doctor tomorrow to ask for an appointment to have her feel it again. GRRRRRRR. I don't know if it’s because it’s that "time of the month" or if something else is coming up. Take them both...Throw them out....in the dumpster. I don't care. Just get these lumpy things off me!

Okay so the reason I was telling you this...is because it is painful. Hugging is painful. Sleeping on my right side is painful. Yes they say cancerous lumps don't hurt...but that is not the case with everyone. I have beaten the odds, so I really don’t care what they say.

So can you pray for me? I had to take Ibprofun for the pain. That is how it was before I got diagnosed and that was a concern for my doctor because you shouldn't have to take pain meds for your boobs. It’s just more sore than normal.

Pray for pain free boobs...:) & a quick test result. Let’s get this ball rolling.

Nighty night!


  1. Prayers are coming as I write Gabbee. You truly do have a gift for the way you express yourself and share with others. My heart and prayers are with you always...I am glad you were able to get on top of the bloodwork mess and get that ball rolling again...Good for you!!! My family hears about you from me all the time, we will be keeping you in our prayers Gabbee...take care. HUGS.

  2. Im praying for your boobs right now! ;)