Saturday, August 21, 2010

Day 21 "Being Swept Away"

Ahhhhh, I feel refreshed. Especially my face. LOL I dont want to touch it to ruin the facial I had, that really I have no idea what was done, so Im not sure what exactly I am afraid to touch. LOL

My sister & Hope decided to sweep me away for a night to get away from reality before I officially enter "Cancer world". We stayed at the Hilton in Oro Valley and it was BEAUTIFUL!!! Hope told them about my diagnosis so we got an upgrade to a Jr. Suite. Big room, white robes, leather chairs and lots of space. We were like kids in a candy store when we walked in.

Last night we ate at the resturant in the hotel and laughed our little booties off. It was SO FUNNY! I laughed so hard! It felt SO GOOD!!! We didn't know anyone, I didn't have to talk about cancer to anyone and they treated me as normal as I was the day before I was diagnosed. That was a nice feeling. Sometimes I want to remind people that I am not contagious. :) Im still Gabbee....but now Im Gabbee with a lump. :)

The pork that Lisette & Hope ordered came back a bit raw, SOOOO what did that mean? FREE DESSERT!!! High class resort dessert. It was so good!

After dinner we walked around the HUGE lobby and laughed all the way to the room. We were making fun of Lisette as she pointed out this "cute" outfit in the shop window and since Im her sister, I was able to be verbal and say "ewl, if your a Grandma". LOL!! Then we found these HUGE incense diffusers!! They were awesome. We took pics, because we were fascinated! This little stuff made us laugh till our belly hurt.

We finally made it to the room. Changed into our bathing suits and hit the pool. We didn't stay too long, just enough to say we did I guess. HaHa....but then we came back to watch a movie. I think we finally fell asleep at 1am. Just laughing and talking.

Since Lisette is 41 now..I guess her new wake up time is 5am!! Grrrr....I couldn't sleep so I got up with her at 5:45 but then went back to bed at 6:30. We finally all got up and out the door by 9:00am.

Pool, lunch (poolside) then packed up and checked out. Off we went for our beauty treatment. Pedicures and a facial. That was SOOOO relaxing.

After I was done, I was waiting for Lisette and Hope to be done and I was watching the hairdressers do their thing. That is when I had a moment of realizing how different my life is right now. How just a few months ago, I went in and had my hair dyed and cut and now Im trying to find wigs, hats and scarves to cover a bald head.

 Wow! In a matter of moments, my life changes. I know that saying is so cliche, but its so true! Here I was at a resort, not because I wanted to be away from my husband and kids, but because I needed to "diffuse" and get away from the stress of cancer. Everything is so different now. Everyone in my family is on hold waiting on my surgery date so they can schedule their time off to help me. Life has changed...but I think Im dealing with it better and better each day. Some days all I want to do is cry and sleep...some days I want to shop for pink stuff. Its all so rollercoaster like. Up and Down...Up and Down...sometimes upside down. :)

Regardless of all that, this weekend was GREAT! I can't thank them enough for thinking of me, blessing me and serving me with their love and friendship!

Thank you Girls~

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