Friday, August 20, 2010

Thursday Day 20 "Ministry, Ministry & More Ministry"

I forgot to blog yesterday so I will be posting this as if I was writing this yesterday. :)

Thursday's is staff meeting at Mosaic. This is a great way for us to get together, brainstorm, praise God, prayer requests, events, whats working, what's on and so on. It's also a great way to connect with our staff members, to really gain a new appreciation for the volunteer work that we all do.

Yesterday's meeting lasted 3 hours. LOL! We laughed, we cried, we spoke loud (me) HaHa...which comes from my Italian New York Back ground. We must speak loud. Its our nature. :) And we came up with GREAT ideas!!

Im soooooooooo excited about our desires in our programs for the kids across the board. From birth to college age. We just have some great people with BIG hearts for ministry and I am truly blessed to work alongside them. Ministry is never a job. Once you think of it that way, you are doomed. That is my personal experience. If you want to make money, people know that ministry is not the place to be. Being paid allows your time to be bought, so you can focus on the details that take time. Its a great blessing, however my heart is filled every day for my pre-teens/Jr. High that money is not an object in how I do ministry. I am blessed with a job that I can do from home. God works!

Cory & I are working alongside 2 amazing people in youth ministry. Their hearts for teens are HUGE! Then we come in who have that same size hearts, and have a GREAT group of kids that just want to be loved by us. :)

After our meeting....I went home, worked, went to watch my niece play baseball then back home for another 2 hour ministry meeting. HaHa!! It was great and we brainstormed and OH BOY...Its going to be GREAT!!! Im very excited to see the growth we are about to endure.

One thing that hit me today was that I didn't want to be "down" for a year during my chemo. I said this over and over again....I CAN'T have that taken from me. My prayer is that I am capable of going to our youth group every other week or so....even if I stay for 30 minutes, but I crave those kids...and if you take that away, my purpose (outside of my own children) are lost. I know chemo affects people in different ways, so I hope that Im different. The good different. :)

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  1. Gabbee that will be my prayer for you that the Lord will give you the strength to be able do his work with the teens and everyone else you have touch. Doing the lord work his one of the greatest gift you can give. You all ready have touch so many life by your blog, so many people who read this is being blown away, how much love you have for the Lord. Thank you for sharing your struggle and your feeling has you walk through your battle with cancer.