Friday, August 13, 2010

Day 14 "Dear Mrs. Breast Surgeon"

Dear Mrs. Breast Surgeon,

When you take my blood, and send it off to be tested for $3,500 can you please make sure you check all the boxes on the paperwork. This way, I wont have to wait an extra week for my results.

Impatient Patient.

So yes....I called the lab to see if I can secretly get results before the doctor did and since this test is so big, its not a normal lab. Its a corporation of some type. Receptionist, call center, customer service, billing, and all the other departments. I get my very own customer service rep too. I called her to get results and she said "well, I did receive it, but I had to send it back because they forgot to check one of the boxes on the paperwork and I just received it back this morning." Grrrrrrr!!!! Come on! This test normall takes 7-14 days for results, but because I have already been diagnosed with cancer, I get the "priority" care. Max 7 business days. Yay! Isn't that exciting? No! I want them today.

Anyway, after I moan and groan with my sister near me, she jumps up and says "Im gonna go" LOL....I felt like a toddler wanting to kick and scream on the floor hoping I can get my way. But no....I didn't. So here I am all alone with noone to kick and scream at. :( Its probably a good thing.

After my tantrum...I sat at the kitchen table staring into space. Then it hit me! I thought, why I am I rushing my last few weeks of freedom. Once I go under the knife, I will be begging to get back to my normal life. Even though my normal isn't normal, I can still walk around w/out tubes and IV's and everything that comes with a masectomy and chemo. I mean..of course I want this cancer out of me, and Im afraid its growing everyday all over my body, but I asked God to stop it in it's track and even though we found another lump, they are both "INSITU" which means "in place". So...I guess at this point, even if I have two lumps, atleast they are staying in place and not my lymph nodes.

So, Im going try and appreciate my last two or three weeks of freedom before my world goes INSANE.

My plans.....

Tomorrow is my room makeover. My front room is loaded with decor, furnishings, fabric, mini fridge, frames and shelves. I can't wait. Then after we paint, I will be getting the carpet in my room cleaned by the awesome Michael Fent with San Tan Carpet Cleaning! And because he is SUPER awesome..he is donating the cleaning for me! Hard worker and my favorite part? He has a carpet fluffer! :) That was super fun to watch! LOL. I have referred him to a few different people and they were all super happy. 520-709-9594.

Tomorrow night my mommy is taking me to a cuban resturant. They make my favorite dish that Mi Abuela used to make me. "String Meat". Im excited to dwell in some cuban food.

Next week I will try and put many hours of work in before surgery. I should get my blood results in too. I should also have my insurance approved by then as well. Next week is a big tell all. Then Hope and My sister has offered to take me overnight to a fancy hotel & Spa. Im spoiled. Im so thankful for my friends and family! Im so blessed!

Aside from the crappy blood work drama, my room makeover has my mind. :) AMAZING what paint and foofoo can do to a girl. :)

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  1. Only one is insitu the other is not in it's place