Saturday, August 7, 2010

Day 7 Treatmen Plan

Many of you have asked what my treament plan will be other than the obvious "Chemo." I didn't get a chance to go over in detail about my 2 hour consultation appointment with the Breast Surgeon and it means a lot to me for everyone to know my beliefs and my choices.

Before I begin, I want everyone to know that my treatment plan is a personal choice between Cory, myself and my doctor. If I felt in anyway that this plan was not what God wanted for me, I would know. I would know that when I was in the doctors office, I would know that this has spun out of control. However I have seen first hand what my treatment plan had done for hundreds of women, including my mother in law. That is part of my comfort. Survivor stories.

I have Invasive Ductal Carcinoma. My tumor measures at 2.1cm. Results show that there is no lymphovascular invasion. Praise God. They labeled me at a stage II cancer however if my tumor was a tad bit smaller I would be at a Stage I. I caught it early. Praise God. I am in the early stages of cancer. Im glad I checked. So here is my mini plug. CHECK YOURSELF!

Anyway, I will give you my options if the MRI and BRCA tests come back negative. (Ill explain that later)

***Lumpectomy/Radiation/Chemo gives me a 8-15% change of the breast cancer returning.
***Masectomy/Chemo gives me less than a 5% chance of the breast cancer returning.

That is a personal decision that I have not come up with yet. Chemo is something that will happen regardless of my surgery choice. Chemo doesn't define the stage of cancer. It defines the type of cancer.

MRI:  The MRI is being done because my tumor isn't very obvious on the mammo so she is concerned on what else "can't" she see. I feel very comfortable that she ordered this, because I want all avenues checked out. And my other breast will be checked in depth as well. My prayer is that this test comes back NEGATIVE. Its on Monday at 3pm. 45 minute ordeal, laying on my belly with my TaTa's in a hole. LOL...Funny I know. But that is my new life. Get used to this terminology. :) If the MRI comes back positive for other findings, a mastecomy would probably be a better choice, depending on where the findings are, if it has spread, if my tumor is bigger than what they see, etc...

BRCA: This test is being done because of my age (Falling in the 30% category) and that we have no family history and our family tree is small since my parents are both only children. And tons of other factors. This test will determine if I am a carrier. This is important to know for my daughter. My niece, my sister. However if this test comes back positive my whole percentages change. My chances of cancer coming back (not only breast) is very high and its also very high for ovarian cancer. So....if that test comes back positive, its an automatic double masectomy and eventually my ovaries will be taken out. Alot to swallow huh? Yup, welcome to my new life.
So, please pray for that test. NEGATIVE.

So, that is my road for a few weeks. I will also meet with a plastic surgeon on Tuesday. I will have fun blogging my experience from that. So look out for it, because the Dr.'s name is Dr. Admire and their address is on princess drive. LOL! Really? Come on! How does that happen. HaHa...

Anyway, I didn't give this information out for opinions. I will be honest. I gave it out so you can support me in any decision that is made. I trust my doctor 100%. I prayed long and hard for her, and He gave me her. I feel peace about her. I feel peace about her knowledge, her passion, her compassion and her desires for my life. I got to read her dictation notes and I felt like a friend was writing about me. It was amazing to hear her thoughts on me, my family support and my concern and most of all my treatment.

I also wanted you to know I am still waiting on my insurance approval. It sounded good. The lady on the phone was SUPER SWEET! Thank you for praying for her. She told me that she approves me in her heart, but that its up to income. All based on income. No matter what you have. We actually fell $46 over the income limit. UGH! I almost screamed HOWEVER she asked for all medical expenses incurrred from June, July & August. That will go in effect for our "outgo" ratio. PRAISE GOD since I we have over $2000 in bills since I was diagnosed. I think we will be fine. I am not concerned so much. That is God right there. Peace. Lots of people have been praying for peace. I feel it. Please dont stop!

Thank you!


  1. I just wanted to let you know I will be committed to praying for you thru this. Thank you for sharing your heart.

  2. I am sure whatever decision you decide will be the right prayers are with you.

  3. Gabbee, I am a friend of Amy Mackenzie from back home where she used to live. I've been following your blog & praying for you. Even tho you may not feel it, you've been one couragous lady thru this, thanks to the Lord for sure. His desire for you is to made whole. Disease is not of Him, He made us perfect. He's also a God of detail......the proof is our own bodies. So intrically made down to the tiniest I am asking him IN DETAIL to heal your cancer where it is NOW & also to heal your entire body part by part "in detail". He wants us to be specific in our prayers since He is so specific in His ways. He is beside you with every test & step you take. I amm claiming your healing as I write this..............
    Linda Cladias

  4. Hi Linda....thank you so much for my card. It made me laugh! You are a precious person and I am blessed to have you join me on this journey! :)