Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Day 11 "Plastic Surgeon, Shopping & MRI Results"

Well first, I want to tell you that I got my MRI results today. The MRI showed that there is another small abnormal mass in my right breast (same breast). The other breast is clear. Praise God.  The doctor gave me a choice to get a biopsy if I am stern on the lumpectomy but my decision is to do a masectomy. I want it all out. ALL OF IT! I am still waiting on my blood work results for the Gene test.

When I got the call, I was standing in Sally's Beauty Supply store. I told my doctor to just call me, because the trips into Scottsdale is just wearing me out. So as I was buying nail polish remover and my phone rings. I looked at the # and knew. "Gabrielle, its Maria from Dr. Lui's office". "Hi Maria". "Gabbee, we got your results from the MRI" and the stumbling of words begin. I almost just wanted to say it for her. But she is precious and a God Send. She gave me my options but I told her that Im done and I want it out. Of course that isn't the final answer yet because of the blood work, but atleast I know that I will lose one of my breasts. She reassured me that everything will be ok and that they care for me. I guess I couldn't have asked for a better nurse.

How am I feeling? Annoyed. Scared. Shortness of breath. (which happens everytime I hear more news). I am scared because I dont want this cancer anywhere else other than what I can feel. I just want this out and my Plastic Surgeon is going on vacation. So end of August, beginning of September will be surgery. Please pray for my blood work to come back quickly and negative. :) I did pray for clarity and it happened so Thank you Jesus!

Ok, so I am going to rewind to the fun part of my day. Dr. Admire. Im SO GLAD that I went there with my sister. I find it VERY funny that I said I would never get implants but here I am, picking my size of choice. So we walked in. Yes the receptionist was "worked on". LOL...My sister just looked at me and laughed because I called it. Its kind of like everyone in the dentist office has beautiful teeth. Just works that way. :)

Anyway, the office was BEAUTIFUL. I mean..they are in Scottsdale on Princess Drive. I went into the room and waited with my blue gown. My sister sat with me until the "consultation" was over but left when the "Lets have a looky" started. Im a bit modest...so this is VERY hard for me. He looked, tugged, felt, stretched, lifted, squeezed....you get the picture. Then he said "Im going to get my camera...be right back". So there I stood, getting pictures taken. front view, left side view, right side view. UGH!!! I hated every moment of it.

Anyway....He was SUPER NICE, very professional and very thorough. :) He told me my options, what he will do, what size he recommends, etc....I dont think he hears this comment very often. "I just want to be the size that you are taking away" LOL.....

Then I went off to get my bloodwork done at my breast surgeon's office. I love them. They are darling. Hugged when I arrived, Hugged when I left. Big answer to prayer.

After that, we went shopping for my room makeover. That was fun. Did you know how much pink stuff there is? Everything! Its amazing. And of course, its fun to buy now, but never wanted to before. Go figure. Im really excited about my room makeover. Thank you to all my friends and Family that are making this possible. I can't wait to see the final results.

Anyway....Im off to get the kids.Thanks for your prayers donations. It is helping!! Please know that! We are $6000 away from getting approved for health insurance. They will count our medical bills as our financial outgo, which will put us back in the "approval" bracket. Im thanking God for Cory's hospital bill. $4600. :) Only $1400 away now. The one time that I like to hear the amount of a medical bill. Go figure!

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