Monday, August 16, 2010

Day 17 "Just another day"

Today was....well.....another day I guess. I worked alot, took a nap, ran errands, MADE DINNER (haven't done that in 2 weeks) and then made hairbows with Bella. That was as normal as my life before Cancer.

But you was harder than it would seem. For two weeks I had a whirlwind of Doctors, phone calls, office visits and tests. During those days I had constant people around all the time. Today was my first Monday since the diagnosis that I had nothing scheduled, no phone calls to make, no papers to gather and no visitors. Just to be a stay at home mom. It was weird. I had moments to myself when I cried...just my thoughts and I, and a time when I didn't know what to do so I just laid on my bed and took a two hour nap, because I didn't know what else to do with myself.

It was kind of sad and weird for me to get a taste of my normal life again. I know this wont last long, and I am craving to do something that will utulize this time before my surgery and chemo life. I just dont know what to do. Yes I like crafts, I like to organize but Im thinking bigger. I want to maybe get involved in a support group, and I really want to meet a girl that I found through a friend that is currently going through breast cancer. Maybe have coffee. I want to be SO prepared for this, that I will be able to post a blog that says "Cancer...piece of cake" HaHa....Wouldn't that be fun?

Tomorrow Cory is off and we actually have tons of errands to run which will keep my mind off the waiting period of the blood work results. I called today but nothing. I called my surgeon too for no reason really and they just said "Hang in there" Oooook.....You tell me I have I just need to hang in there. LOL....Grugh! But like I said yesterday, I rather this, than a HUGE life change immediately with no preperation for it. We have a 504 meeting for Isaac tomorrow at 7:30. Im kind of stressed about his education during my treatment. He needs lots of support at home too but we do have supportive teachers that I know will help me as much as possible.

Well, Im off to lay in my bed, have my prayer & devotion time and chat with my hubby. Then I think Im going to watch some late night with Jay Leno until my medicine puts me into LaLa land. :)

Good night All!

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