Monday, August 23, 2010

Day 23 "Surgery Date & Phone Call"

Yay! I finally got my surgery date. September 17th @ 11:30am. Im very excited to have a date on my calendar. I thought I had everything ready and I was totally prepared until I got the phone call from the nurse with the date. Its now 9:25 and I have been on the phone since 4:30 calling my in-laws, friends and doctors making pre-op appointments, pre-op care item name it..

My schedule still isn't in order. The downside of my surgery date is that its the last day of school before the 2 week break AND its a half day. So with everyone's help, we have to decide who will stay with the kids, if they will come see me when I am out of surgery, who will stay with me overnight, trying to make the kids feel "normal", when will I come home, on and on and on. Its crazy!

The surgery will be between 5-6 hours long. My surgeon said that it'll be worth the wait because Dr. Admire (Plastic surgeon) is VERY good. LOL...Sometimes I keep forgetting that I am getting plastic surgery.

My doctor said that the reconstruction will be more painful than the masectomy, because of how they have to insert the expanders. Crazy! I will be in the hospital 1 or 2 days of course, all depending on my body and how I react.

My surgeon called me tonight at 8:30 and gave me the finer details and answered any questions I have. I love her! I totally appreciate that! She gave me tips on what to do before surgery, what to buy and what to get at Tina's closet (Cancer store) that I will need after surgery. So off to Scottsdale I will go this week to get my "gear".

I will also be getting an ultrasound on my left breast. Please pray that its nothing and just a lump of air. :) My doctor isn't too concerned BUT its better safe than sorry, because it would change the way she does the surgery. I will be getting that done in the next week or so. Then my pre-op appointment with her, my plastic surgeon and also a "redo" on my gene testing. much to do. Im glad it will keep me busy.

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