Thursday, August 12, 2010

Day 13 "Thank You Note"

I wanted to dedicate this post once again to say Thank you. Specifcally financial donations because some of you I have not met and I wish I could write a personal thank you note to each of you, and maybe one of these days I will, however for now, please know how thankful I am! For every dollar that has been donated, it has taken off a pound of a weight of my shoulders. Thank you so much!

For all my friends who have been at my house on a daily basis (or close to). Thank you!

For all of my church family....dinners day in and day out. Thank you!

Gifts, flowers, notes, hugs, emails, FB, Songs, pictures, kids, ribbons, visits, text messages and everything in between. Thank you!

For my sister. I love you more than you know and wouldn't get through my day without you near my side. Thank you!

For my mom. For giving me mommy hugs everyday I see you. Thank you!

For my wonderful, supporting husband. For telling me how beautiful I am, knowing how ugly I will be feeling inside. For praying for me every day, for hugging me extra tight, for always being willing, without saying a word. I love you. Thank you!

If I missed something, please know its not my intention. THANK YOU. From the little things to the big things...the level of appreciation is the same. I am just so thankful for all that you have done, and continue to do!

I pray that God blesses you for being HIS hands and feet!

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